Here Are The Top Five INTENSE Moments From Episode 2 Of Fear The Walking Dead! Spoilers!

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*** WARNING: spoilers (below)! ***

Well… that escalated quickly.

ICYMI: Last week The Walking Dead‘s sister show, Fear The Walking Dead, shattered ratings records with its Sunday debut — so we’re not entirely surprised the prequel project upped the ante for last night’s episode!

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In fact, this installment took a deeper look into how TWD universe handled the start of the zombie outbreak. The answer is not well. Not well at all.

With so much that happened let’s take a look at the most INTENSE moments from this dramatic episode.

1. The family that SLAYS together stays together.

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The newest episode picks up where Madison (Kim Dickens) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) family left off. Having just witnessed the reanimation of son Nick (Frank Dillane)’s drug dealer, the parents of the year attempt to contact their other children. They meet up with Nick’s sister Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) whose boyfriend is CLEARLY infected and abandoned the sickly youth. Whomp, whomp.

2. When the cellphones stop working you know it’s time to panic!

Not surprisingly, El Lay turns on to panic mode as news of the infection spreads across the city. Of course FTWD‘s first family breaks the first rule in an emergency situation and split up to try and find answers — and help. After all the drama with his step-son, the dedicated father sets off in search of his own son Chris (played by Lorenzo Henrie) and finds himself in the midst of a police riot.

3. Teacher of the year?! We think so.

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Madison returns to the high school where she’s a guidance counselor to look for supplies and runs into the socially-awkward student Tobias (played by Lincoln Castellanos). However, the duo are met by the zombified principle of the school which results in a pretty EPIC walker take down on Maddie’s part by using a fire extinguisher as a weapon.

4. Barbershop + Police Riot = Perfect Parent Trap scenario.

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On the other side of town, Travis and his estrange family take refuge in a barbershop following the riot outside and after witnessing the demise of another infected person. This was certainly the first appearance of the hoards of slow-moving walkers we’ve come to know and love in the parent series!

5. Will Madison and Travis ever reunite?! Fingers crossed.

As chaos unfolds around them, things don’t look good for the husband and wife duo, Madison and Travis. While Madison tries to appease the withdrawal symptoms for her drug-addict son, her husband’s MIA in East El Lay. Though the zombie count in this episode may have been low, the final act of Madison and her two children locking themselves inside as they hear their neighbor’s bone-chilling scream was certainly intense.

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What did U think?? Did we miss any of your favorite moments?!

SOUND OFF in the comments (below) and ch-ch-check next week’s FTWD on Sunday at 9 p.m. E.T./P.T. on AMC.

Aug 31, 2015 8:00am PDT

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