MTV Claims VMAs Ratings Victory After Record Breaking Twitter Buzz!

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We reported earlier on Monday how the VMAs just became the most talked-about TV program on Twitter, but now MTV is claiming another record.

That’s because according to Viacom, the Miley Cyrus-led event raked in 9.8 million viewers on Sunday, an increase over last year’s 8.3 million!

But not so fast… because most outlets are reporting that ratings actually dropped. So what’s the deal??

The confusion comes from the original tweet that while the VMAs may have reached 9.8 million people, that was across all ten of Viacom’s networks, as opposed to 2014’s 8.3 million viewers straight from MTV.

[ Photo: Miley Wears A Balloon & Smokes A Blunt In The Press Room! ]

And even if less people actually watched the show on MTV, it’s still the highest rated awards show of the year!

Still, we think the fact that more people tuned in to watch Miley and the gang across more platforms speaks to how entertaining the night was.

Did U enjoy this year’s VMAs??

[Image via MTV/Instagram.]

Aug 31, 2015 8:03pm PDT

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