Leave It To Harry Styles To Take Down SeaWorld! Did His Diss This Summer Hurt The Public’s Perception Of SeaWorld Even More??

Harry Styles, the dolphin defender.

All signs point to yes.

Back in July, Harry Styles was on tour with One Direction, and during their San Diego show, he let out a quick quip against SeaWorld — alluding to the animal abuse allegations that were raised in the documentary Blackfish.

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At one point in the middle of the concert, Harry addressed the audience:

“Does anybody like dolphins? Don’t go to Sea World!”

That’s a pretty direct jab, and it turns out Harry Styles is a pretty powerful person on the internet.

Financial analysts recently released a report about SeaWorld’s perception, and according to the numbers, their “online net sentiment” — AKA the amount of positive online comments compared to negative online comments — had dropped by 26% after July.


The ratio of positive comments to negative ones was recorded to be -68% — which is definitely not good for SeaWorld. And, just to hammer home how much of an influence Harry has on the online community, the park’s mentions skyrocketed by 400% after July.

Personally thank Harry Styles for that, SW. Not for the bad publicity, FOR THE BUZZ! LOLz!

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Sep 1, 2015 3:22pm PST

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