Calvin Harris Was Actually In Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams Video The Whole Time — See The Photographic Evidence HERE!

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How did we not see it before?!

We were so mesmerized by Taylor Swift‘s latest music video Wildest Dreams at the VMAs on Sunday, we completely missed one of the biggest cameos under the African sun.

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While we couldn’t get enough of Tay Tay and Scott Eastwood making out, as it turns out, Calvin Harris also played a pretty big part in the Joseph Kahn-directed piece!

But not in the way you’d expect…

You see, Calvin was actually in the vid metaphorically as the lion that watched over Taylor while she got her heart broken.

Don’t believe us??

Why else would Calvin have changed his Instagram picture to a lion the very same night the music video premiered?!

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Think about it, after all the fake Hollywood romance, the lion comes back and looks after her — just like her cuddly man!

We know, it’s a bit of a stretch, but we think this was Taylor and Calvin’s subtle way of letting fans know they’re more solid than ever!

Do U think this is canon, or just a strange coincidence??

And does this mean Ed Sheeran has Calvin Harris tattooed on his chest? That’s awkward.

[Image via Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris/Instagram.]

Sep 1, 2015 4:52pm PDT

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