Gary Busey Joins The Dancing With The Stars Lineup! Will This Be The Craziest Season To Date?!

gary busey dancing with the stars

Oh. My. God!

Dancing With The Stars has officially tapped its craziest contestant yet for season 21 — Gary Busey! What the what?!

On Tuesday, the controversial celeb made a rather grand entrance (below) for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel‘s show. Donning a glittery cowboy suit and riding a white stallion, the 71-year-old confirmed that he’d be joining Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys and Paula Deen on the reality TV program.

He stated:

“I am so proud to be here with you announcing this incredible mile changing thing.”

Our minds are blown! The late night host also seemed incredibly amused by the big announcement.

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He teased:

“And Gary, may I say that we are honored that you’ve agreed to be part of Dancing With the Stars. What made you decide to do it this time around?”

“Honored” may be a strong word choice — but we’re certainly excited. This lineup will most definitely make for good television.

The outspoken star quipped:

“I didn’t have anything else to do!”


Though the Lethal Weapon actor may seem an odd choice for the popular show, Gary’s no stranger to the world of reality TV as he WON Celebrity Big Brother and has appeared on Celebrity Apprentice twice! LOLz!

We’ll 100% be tuning into DWTS when it airs on Monday, September 14 on ABC. Will U?!

Ch-ch-check out Gary’s HIGHLarious announcement video in all its glory (below)

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

Sep 2, 2015 7:14am PDT

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