Janice Dickinson ‘Almost Died’ From A Bee Sting Allergy On Celebrity Big Brother — And It Aired On Live TV!

janice dickinson celebrity big brother uk

This is scary!

Janice Dickinson had just sat down in the Diary Room on Celebrity Big Brother UK when she was stung by a bee.

Unfortunately, Janice is apparently allergic to bee stings, but did not bring her EpiPen.

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Her resulting collapse and seizure were aired on live TV!

In video of the incident, Janice told producers of her pain, even showing the staff how her hand was turning purple:

“Look at the color of the hands. Look at this, this is turning blue, these 3 are turning blue… It’s going up my hand and I don’t want it to reach my heart.”

A staff member for the show immediately picked up the phone and can be heard talking to someone who says an ambulance is on the way, as he tries to help Dickinson control her breathing. She doesn’t last long though as she appears to have a seizure and fall off her chair.

Sources who’ve been in contact with Janice have said that she’s now back at the house, implying that she is okay — but they also said that she’s EXTREMELY allergic and that she “almost died.”

This would be an incredibly frightening experience for anyone! We’re just glad Miz Dickinson is doing okay now!

[Image via CBS.]

Sep 2, 2015 2:27pm PDT

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