Jessa Duggar Shares Father-In-Law’s Post Condemning ‘Pretender’ Josh Duggar! Yep, She’s Done Defending Her Brother!

Jessa Seewald is not Team Josh!

This settles it!

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald is definitely distancing herself from her brother Josh Duggar (who also molested her when he was a teen) following his Ashley Madison scandal.

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The mom-to-be already shared an anti-adultery sermon on her personal Facebook page a few days ago, but this time she’s shared a blog post written by her father-in-law Michael Seewald that directly calls out and condemns Josh’s actions!

Jessa herself even refers to the Ashley Madison scandal by name (see below).

Jessa Seewald is not Team Josh!

In the post, Michael Seewald does not hold back, and admits that even though he forgave Josh after hearing of the molestation he did when he was a teenager, he’s not so ready to forgive now:

“After hearing of Josh’s scandal when he was a teenager, I publicly stated that Josh appeared to be a changed man, was walking above reproach, and living out the faith that he professed. I stood in solidarity, encouraging him to use the scandal to build humility and grace. Sadly, he had deceived us all. The name of God has been blasphemed and God is jealous for his name.”

He even calls Josh a “pretender”:

“Josh was a pretender. True Christians fail often, but their lives are truly being conformed to the image of Christ. Do not look at Josh and justify your own sins by dismissing the reality of genuine faith and a holy God. When you stand before God, you will not be compared to hypocritical Christians. You will be judged by God’s holy law. When you are found guilty, you will not get to say, “But what about Josh? I’m better than he is”. God’s wrath will burn against you because of your own sins.”


By sharing it, Jessa is basically endorsing her father-in-law’s words and admitting that she agrees!

Read the full post HERE!

Is Jessa right to distance herself from her much maligned older sibling???

[Image via Jessa Seewald Instagram & Facebook]

Sep 2, 2015 1:09pm PDT

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