Louis Tomlinson Might Not Be The Dad Of Briana Jungwirth’s Baby?? Get The Scoop On The New Rumor!

Is it possible Louis Tomlinson isn't the dad??

As if parenthood wasn’t complicated enough at times.

Just a month ago, Louis Tomlinson confirmed this “exciting time” as he and stylist Briana Jungwirth are expecting a baby — except these new reports might throw a wrench into things.

It’s being reported that the One Direction singer might not even be the father!

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How interesting!

But really, what are the chances??

According to a source, Louis’ baby momma was reportedly with another man around the same time she got with the 23-year-old.

The source even went on to say:

“Someone very close to Briana says Louis wasn’t the first guy she was hooking up with when she got pregnant. She was having sex with someone else at the same time, so the baby may not be Louis’.”

And speaking of this other man, the insider divulged:

“He and Briana would go to Briana’s home and hook up. Once the baby is born, it looks like Briana will have no choice but to get a paternity test. The situation is so messed up.”

We’re not sure what to think.

Considering how huge One Direction is right now, Louis confirming a pregnancy if he didn’t whole-heartedly believe he was the dad seems a little strange.

Then again, if there is another guy involved, he may not even know.

So, what do U think of this rumor??

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Sep 2, 2015 6:10pm PDT

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