Sony May Have Cut Scenes From Will Smith’s Concussion To Avoid Angering The NFL!

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Making a movie based on true events can be a real headache!

Will Smith is starring in the upcoming sports drama Concussion, which tells the true story of one of the doctors who discovered the link between football players’ major health problems and the repeated blows they took in games.

The film’s main antagonist is the NFL, who tries to cover up the controversy and deny all accountability.

[ Video: The First Trailer For Concussion! ]

But emails leaked in the Sony hack reveal that the studio might have softened the film to avoid making a real life enemy out of one of the most powerful enterprises in the nation!

In the reported emails, Sony executives, Smith’s team, and director Peter Landesman discussed changing the script to make it seem like it wasn’t purposefully bashing the league.

Dwight Caines, head of Sony’s marketing, discussed how they would position the film back in August 2014, writing:

“Will is not anti football (nor is the movie) and isn’t planning to be a spokesman for what football should be or shouldn’t be but rather is an actor taking on an exciting challenge. We’ll develop messaging with the help of NFL consultant to ensure that we are telling a dramatic story and not kicking the hornet’s nest.”

Though other emails detailed that some “unflattering moments for the NFL” were altered or deleted, and another reveals how a top Sony lawyer reportedly took “most of the bite” out of the film “for legal reasons with the NFL”!

Landesman, who also penned the script, admitted that lawyers deleted some material from the film, but asserted that the changes did not alter the message of the story. He said:

“We don’t want to give the NFL a toehold to say, ‘They are making it up,’ and damage the credibility of the movie… There was never an instance where we compromised the storytelling to protect ourselves from the NFL.”

Hmm… What do YOU think??

Find out if the lawyers cut too much when Concussion hits theaters December 25!

[Image via Sony.]

Sep 2, 2015 12:59pm PDT

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