Did Josh Duggar REALLY Bail On Rehab?! Deets HERE!

josh duggar mia from rehab

Where’s Josh Duggar?!

ICYMI: Last week, The Duggars confirmed that their scandalized son had checked himself into rehab after he once again brought controversy to the famous family following the reveal of his Ashley Madison scandal.

After the former TLC clan’s plane arrived in Rockford, Illinois many believed that the father-of-four had checked into the Christian treatment facility, Reformers Unanimous.

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However, RadarOnline has since reported that the 19 Kids and Counting star has been MIA from the center’s mandatory meetings and church services. Oh no!

This development is shocking as RU is known for their strict nature and rigorous work schedule. It’s said all patients begin their day at 4:30 a.m. and take college level classes in subjects like auto mechanics and financial management. Students also take a closer look into their faith by typing a “need or request” from God, pray about the plea, and then share it with their peers at the facility.


It’s even said that the men in the program sleep in military style barracks and complete 40 hours of community service a week.

Yikes! Heavy stuff.

The website notes:

“Please understand that if you do not work as unto the Lord, you will not remain in the home.”

Could all of this have been too much for Anna Duggar‘s husband?! Maybe.

Especially since eyewitnesses claimed last week that the 27-year-old was missing from the group’s trip to the North Love Baptist Church where they run meetings to help people with recovery from addiction using Bible study.

The program’s site states:

“All students attend all services at North Love Baptist Church. We believe that continued church attendance is a key catalyst to continuing victory.”

Hmm, how inneresting.

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An onlooker shared:

“Josh definitely wasn’t there. It was very strange.”

Perhaps Josh’s celeb status gives him a cut class pass from outings and is simply hiding out in the facility?! We hope so.

Nonetheless, Air Force Duggar is reported to have made some mystery stops in Arkansas — which has left some to believe that Josh’s simply hiding out in-state somewhere.

Apparently, the plane arrived in the quiet town of Paragould, AR around 9 a.m. and took off for home around 6 p.m. later that day. Huh?

What’s odd is that the family doesn’t have any connections in that town nor is there a treatment facility. Weird right?!

We wouldn’t be shocked if Josh was just laying low somewhere as that has kind of been his M.O. since his scandals were highlighted in the press earlier this year.

Though for his wife and children’s sake, we hope he’s getting the help it appears he definitely needs.

Where do U think Josh is?! SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram.]

Sep 3, 2015 10:22am PST

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