Kellan Lutz Takes His Work Out To Great New Heights — Literally! See The INSANE Pics HERE!

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Who knew Kellan Lutz was such a daredevil?!

On Wednesday, Kellan decided to flex his enviable muscles where most average people like to work out — a CLIFF.

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Wait, WHAT?!

Lutz, who we have major respect for right now, took to a beautiful cliff in Australia where he’s filming a movie to perform some planks and other sexy moves. We don’t know whether to be scared or impressed!!

Check out the INSANE pics of the feat (below)!

While we love looking at these crazy snaps for many reasons (Kel’s hot bod, obvs), we’re glad he included a warning not to try this stunt at home! Lolz!Oh, and if you thought the 30-year-old’s cliff expedition was enough, the Twilight star also got his work out on at a light house! Check out the silly picture (below)!

Ha! So fantastic. We love how Lutz can get fit literally ANYWHERE in the world.

So, what do U think of Kellan’s crazy cliff workout?!

[Image via Twitter.]

Sep 3, 2015 1:07pm PDT

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