The New Season Of Arrow Actually Looks Pretty Peaceful — For All Of Five Seconds! Check Out The Trailer NOW!

Get the popcorn ready!

When last season of Arrow ended with Oliver and Felicity finally following their hearts and driving off into the sunset together — a moment we’ve been waiting for since season one because we always shipped Olicity SO hard — we couldn’t help but wonder what this meant for the action-packed show about DC superhero, Green Arrow.

Well, thanks to the drama’s beautifully buff star, Stephen Amell — and his Facebook page — we can get a glimpse at what’s in store for all of our favorite characters on the show’s upcoming fourth season.

[ Photo: See Stephen & Jared Padelecki Show Off Their Abs! ]

The Hollywood hottie posted the trailer to his social media page on Friday, and at first it seemed like a completely different show!

Ollie was running through a picturesque neighborhood — in a green hoodie, naturally — and returned home to a lovely house where Felicity was cooking dinner.

Where’s the action? The bad guys? The conflict of any kind? Well, those questions all get answered for you pretty soon into the trailer.

We see a re-named Starling City — now Star City — has met its match with a whole new slew of baddies that its Arrow-less vigilantes just can’t seem to fend off.

Looks like somebody needs the Arrow back!!! Can’t wait until the series returns on October 7? Well, get your temporary fix by checking out the trailer (below)!

Season 4 —

Posted by Stephen Amell on Friday, September 4, 2015

Excited??? Let us know what you can’t WAIT to see in the comments!

[Image via The CW.]

Sep 4, 2015 11:02pm PDT

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