Harry Styles Corrects A Fan’s Grammar In The Middle Of A One Direction Concert! Learn You’re Lesson HERE!

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Who said attending a One Direction concert wasn’t an educational experience??

At a recent Philadelphia show, Harry Styles proved his allegiance to the grammar police by editing a fan’s sign!

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The 21-year-old spotted the grammatical error on a sign that read:

“Hi Harry! Your so nice <3”

So the hunky 1D member brought the sign on stage to fix the glaring error:

For those who aren’t fortunate enough to get a tutoring lesson from Harry — “you’re” is used as a contraction of “you are,” and “your” is possessive, used to describe something that belongs to you.

We’re sure the fan didn’t mind being corrected like that, because in addition to the edit, Harry also signed her poster:

We’re happy that the musician is taking the time to better the lives of his fans, and we hope this Directioner will never confuse you’re/your again!

[Image via Taelor Ford/Twitter.]

Sep 4, 2015 12:42pm PST

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