You Go Girl! Hilaria Baldwin Reveals How She Lost 18 Lbs In 10 Weeks In A Totally Healthy Way!

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It’s hard to believe that Hilaria Baldwin gave birth to her second child only 10 weeks ago because — girl looks good!

On Thursday, it was revealed that Alec Baldwin‘s lady love has lost 18 pounds since bringing little Rafael into the world. She’s also a mom to two-year-old Carmen. Aww!

The brunette beauty gave some insight into her weight loss by sharing her food and fitness diary online.

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Before you panic, the yoga instructor is going about her weight loss in a totally healthy way.

She wrote:

“I gave birth about 10 weeks ago, but I’m not trying to lose the baby weight. I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m not trying to be skinny, I’m just trying to be healthy, and I’ve found that if I don’t really stress about it, the weight kind of just comes off.”

Well said! Sometimes the biggest hurdle is staying out of your own way. What’s even better is that the mother-of-two is more than willing to share some of her little tricks (below) — especially on Instagram!

Don’t pull a muscle! HA!

What else is in her bag of tricks?! Apparently, another secret weapon she uses is coconut water. AH-Mazing!

She explained:

“I started drinking it religiously when I was pregnant with Carmen to soften the early contractions I had throughout my pregnancy. (My doctor wanted me to drink Gatorade, but I prefer not to drink anything with artificial colors, and coconut water is supposed to hydrate just as well.) I’m totally on the coconut bandwagon right now because I’m breastfeeding my son and it’s also supposed to help with milk production.”

Sounds DELICIOUS. Sign us up!

A usual day for Hilaria and her A-list family seems to consist of healthy meals, like granola with hemp milk, and trying out a unique workout routine, like a barre class at Physique 57. How chic!

She continued:

“I’ve always liked smoothies, but I’ve started to make a bigger deal about them now that Carmen eats solid foods and is at the age where it’s hard to get her to eat vegetables. We share a smoothie with kale or spinach every day. I just make up my own recipe.”

We get that struggle! Fight that good fight.

She relayed:

“Right now, I’m obsessed with this combination of Dijon mustard, champagne vinegar, honey, shallots, olive oil, salt, and pepper but give me Dijon mustard, some kind of vinegar, and olive oil, and I’m happy.”

This is making us hungry from just reading about this. Yum!

She shared:

“To this day, I don’t really like chips or crackers or anything like that. I’m very into textures. I don’t like popcorn because it reminds me of packing material.”

Well that’s a bit odd — but hey, whatever works for you.

Though Miz Baldwin may seem so dedicated to her healthy lifestyle, it appears that it is simply just a part of who she is.

She concluded:

“I’m weird in that I love vegetables and salad, especially in the summer. People tell me I’m so disciplined, but I grew up eating this way.”

Color us jealous. Keep doing you Hilaria because you’re 100% KILLING it right now.

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 4, 2015 12:48pm PDT

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