ESPN Commentator Comes Out As Gay! Read His Touching And Thoughtful Words HERE!

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This is so great!

ESPN commentator Israel Gutierrez typically talks sports every day on their debate show Around The Horn, but he’s doing a very thing today on his blog — coming out as gay!!

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Gutierrez, who says he’d been out to family and friends for six years already, decided to come out publicly because he’s getting married next weekend and felt it was the right thing to do! Good for him!!

In his blog this week, Gutierrez wrote of his long time trying to deny who he was, only to end up hating himself for it:

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed sports, enjoyed competition. But there was always, especially in my teenage years, a confidence barrier I could never break through. I couldn’t really explain it then. I mean, I probably knew deep down that it was because I was gay, and for some reason that made me feel I wasn’t on the same playing field, almost literally, as straight men. But I was already in deep denial about my sexuality, so acknowledging that would’ve probably broken me back then.

“It’s probably no accident that I ballooned in weight during my teenage years because, frankly, not many girls want to date the big kid, so all the peer pressure to date girls was essentially a non-factor.”

Gutierrez also spoke about how, even though he wasn’t looking for the limelight, it was important to use the opportunity to build relationships between gay people and heterosexual allies:

“The feeling I get, and I’m sure so many other gays get, when you hear or read people say being gay is a choice, or a sin, is so infuriating, because we literally have no recourse (It’s so frustrating, I’m literally crying right now. Can’t help it.). The only way to truly understand is to live in our shoes, which is impossible. Short of that, sharing our experiences is the best way to potentially break through and help people understand.”

His entire blog post is worth reading, and we couldn’t be happier for Gutierrez and his partner, David Kitchen!

Congrats on the nuptials! You’re both VERY lucky men!

[Image via Israel Gutierrez.]

Sep 4, 2015 5:15pm PST

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