Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company Is Being Sued For Dishonesty Over Its ‘Natural’ Products — See The Claims HERE!

jessica alba the honest company sued

Honesty is the best policy!

Jessica Alba‘s The Honest Company is coming under a bit of an attack on its honesty!

A very dissatisfied customer is suing the company for “deceptively and misleadingly” labeling some products as “natural” when he believes this to be false!

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Jonathan Rubin is particularly upset regarding THC’s brand of dish soap, hand soaps, surface cleaner and diapers. He believes the products all have synthetic preservatives in them and therefore don’t deserve the “natural” label!

Jonathan even went so far as to have an environmental group look into the products, and he says that they found the ingredients to be “potentially hazardous.”

Rubin went on to point out that the sunscreen The Honest Company carries doesn’t work at all. He’s even cited several users who’ve posted to various blogs claiming to have used it — yet still getting sunburned and blistered! OUCH!

What gives this plaintiff quite a bit of credibility though, is he’s not really looking for a bit payout for himself. He’s asking for all the profits that have been generated from these products to be refunded to the people who bought them — totaling about $5 million!

When asked for a comment regarding these allegations, THC released a statement saying:

“The Honest Company is committed to providing safe and effective products, and we take all consumer feedback very seriously.”

We doubt that Jessica had much knowledge of anything like this going down, but regardless, she’s not going to be too happy if her company’s dishonesty turns out to be true!

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

Sep 4, 2015 9:36am PDT

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