As Kim Davis Sits In Jail, This Couple Becomes The First In History To Get Their Same-Sex Marriage License In Rowan County!

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Love WINS!

James Yates and William Smith — a same-sex couple that had tried five times before to get married in Rowan County, Kentucky — showed up at the county courthouse this morning and were officially issued a marriage license!! Yay!!!

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The couple walked past both supporters and protesters as they entered the clerk’s office, ready to make history in their small Kentucky county (above), and they walked out with their marriage license!

To Yates’ and Smith’s credit, they harbored no ill will to Kim Davis, the controversial county clerk who refused to provide marriage licenses for same-sex couples, despite a Supreme Court ruling requiring her to do so.

Yates said of Davis:

“I don’t want her in jail. No one wanted her in jail. We just wanted the licenses given out. This isn’t a blessing. It’s an official license. This means, at least for this area, civil rights are civil rights and they’re not subject to beliefs.”

Davis’ fourth husband — who was also her second husbandJoe Davis spoke about same-sex marriage and what he believed to be the lack of acceptance of Christian beliefs in the southern state:

“We don’t hate these people. That’s the furthest thing from our hearts. We don’t hate nobody. We just want to have the same rights that they have. They’re saying, ‘Hey we’re gonna make you accept us.’ But they don’t want to accept our beliefs. But they want us to accept theirs.”

How do you expect anyone to accept a belief system that includes hatred of them for being born??

You know what, forget it! This day is all about LOVE winning out!!

[Image via Twitter/AP.]

Sep 4, 2015 11:47am PDT

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