A Cheetah Escaped At The Indianapolis Zoo This Morning!

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This is scary!!

Visitors and employees at the Indianapolis Zoo in Indiana were locked down on Sunday morning for more than an hour after a cheetah escaped its holding area.

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Apparently, the animal got out of its pen while moving between enclosures, though after more than an hour searching and confirming safety for guests, the lockdown was lifted.

The cheetah was tranquilized in order for officials to give it medical attention, as well as place it back in a proper enclosure. Close call!

Visitors to the zoo posted on social media about their experience at the animal park during the lockdown:

And after the lockdown was lifted, the zoo confirmed that everybody was safe:

Whew! Crisis averted!

All seems to be normal at the zoo now despite the crazy morning.

[Image via Jenna Ryan/Twitter.]

Sep 6, 2015 12:06pm PDT

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