#Spotlight: Angelina Jolie Raises Awareness Of ISIS’ Horrifying Use Of Sexual Violence

Angelina speaks out on the horrifying attacks.


All eyes and ears were on Angelina Jolie on Tuesday when she stopped in to the British Parliament to raise awareness about ISIS’ horrifying use of sexual violence.

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The actress and human rights activist took the floor in front of the House of Lords to discuss the way in which the terrorist organization has adopted rape as a policy and a tool, saying:

“The most aggressive terrorist group in the world today knows what we know, knows that it is a very effective weapon and they are using it as a centrepoint of their terror and their way of destroying communities and families, and attacking and dehumanising.”

She mentioned that the radical group targets incredibly young girls and abuses them repeatedly.

Alongside former Foreign Secretary William Hague, she described a disturbing scene where she met one child victim:

“I remember distinctly meeting this little girl who was very young, probably about seven or eight, and she was rocking backwards and forwards staring at the wall, and tears streaming down her face because she had been brutally raped multiple times, you couldn’t talk to her, you couldn’t touch her.”

That is so sad!!

And to think that it happened to someone so young, well, really at any age, it’s absolutely disgusting.

The 40-year-old explained that ISIS has made these horrifying acts a common practice in its society, explaining:

“This is what is beyond something we have seen before. This is actually put into their policy. They are saying ‘we should do this, this is the right way to build a society, so we tell you to rape.'”

She then called the politicians into action, saying:

“We really have to have a very, very strong response at this time to this particular group on this issue.”

We are absolutely heartbroken and devastated to hear that these attacks happen so frequently, but we have to applaud Angie for bringing such a serious issue to the forefront of the discussion on terror.

We hope that someday soon someone will be able to put a stop to this terrible and traumatic sexual violence.

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Sep 8, 2015 4:21pm PDT

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