Canadian Politician Caught Peeing In Woman’s Coffee Cup! And You Thought Donald Trump Was Controversial!

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Well, this is a new one.

A conservative political candidate in Canada has stepped away from campaigning for an elected spot in the nation’s Parliament because he… peed in a woman’s coffee cup?!?!

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Jerry Bance, a Toronto businessman, had been running for election to Parliament under Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, when video footage from a 2012 episode of Marketplace captured the unusual urination.

Bance had been brought in as an appliance repairman and was unknowingly part of a sting operation on the show, which was designed to catch handymen overcharging homeowners for simple repairs.

As CBC cameras secretly rolled on Bance, and a producer pretending to be a homeowner left the room to let him work on her kitchen sink, well, the show got much more than they bargained for!

Ch-ch-check out the incredible video (below) and then see Bance’s statement regarding his 2012 actions:

No! NO! NOOOO!!!!!!! He actually did it RIGHT in the coffee cup!!

Having gotten caught now three years later, Bance was remorseful about his actions:

“The footage from that day does not reflect who I am as a professional or a person. I deeply regret my actions on that day.”

He ought to regret his actions that day; Harper has sacked Bance, and the pee-pee-politician is now no longer a candidate for office.

But the award for the best statement on this controversy goes to opposition party leader Tom Mulcair, who took a shot at Harper’s conservative economic theories while making fun of Bance:

“He must be someone who is adept at Stephen Harper’s trickle-down theory of economics.”

Mic status: dropped.

But hey, at least it appears Bance didn’t overcharge the sting operation’s homeowners for repairs… right??

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Sep 8, 2015 1:18pm PDT

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