Amy Duggar Claims Her Famous Cousins Left Her Wedding Reception Because It Went From ‘Classy To Trashy Real Quick’!

the duggars leave amy duggar wedding early

It appears Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did NOT enjoy Amy King (nee Duggar)’s hoedown throwdown!

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the conservative reality TV couple decided to leave their niece’s wedding early this past weekend.

In a recent interview, the newlywed shared:

“They left right when the music was starting. They stayed for two songs or so. It was country so they probably dealt with it.”

We can’t imagine those two would be super fun at a party. LOLz!

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Unfortunately, the 19 Kids and Counting parents weren’t alone when they departed from the happy event as they took their brood with them — including their adult daughters Jill and Jessa.

Every party needs a pooper.

However, after hearing Amy’s account of her reception, we feel the famous family would’ve been distraught by the fun-loving turn the after-party took.

She explained:

“The lights went down, the disco lights came up. Everybody kicked off their shoes. It went from classy to trashy real quick, which was the best!”

Color us jealous! We’re sad we missed such a good time.

She continued:

“Everyone was having the time of their lives. We broke out the bar as soon as my family left. The champagne was chilled, we had whiskey, mixed drinks, everything. It was so fun.”

Fierce! Though it seems leaving early may just be a Duggar trait as the bride’s momma, Deanna Duggar-Jordan, cut the evening short as well.

She relayed:

“I left at about 10 o’clock. When the rap music started, I decided it was about time to go. But they were all having a good time.”


We’re just trying to imagine any member of the TLC family dancing to rap. We doubt they’re big Kanye West fans.

Regardless, it seems Deanna was about as shocked as we were to learn that Jim Bob and Michelle and their large crew ducked out early.

She noted:

“I totally understand that.”

Don’t feel too bad for Amy though — since the party went into the wee hours of the morning. You go girl!

She concluded:

“It was just a really good celebration.”

Aww! She even quipped that her guests were probably “hurting” the next day. HA!

Congratulations again to the happy pair! Be sure to let us know where you’re registered. M’kay?!

[Image via Facebook.]

Sep 9, 2015 2:13pm PDT

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