Awful! Camerawoman Fired After Being Filmed Kicking Refugee Children!

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This is disgusting.

Dozens of refugees were desperate to escape police officers at a Hungarian camp on Tuesday when a camerawoman decided to get involved in the WORST way.

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The Serbian refugees are fed up with overcrowding and poor conditions in camps along the Hungarian border, and are desperately trying to escape to Germany and Austria to look for work.

As they run, a woman who worked for N1TV can be seen on video tripping and kicking refugees — including children.

Here’s the horrifying video of the camerawoman tripping a man carrying a small child while running from police:

And again, the camera woman kicking a second young refugee here:

Fortunately, the woman has been fired from her job at Hungary’s N1TV, with the station saying in a statement:

“Today, a N1TV colleague behaved unacceptably at the Roeszke reception center. The cameraman’s employment was terminated with immediate effect.”

Disgusting. At least the station quickly terminated her once they saw this horrifying video.

[Image via Conflict News/Twitter.]

Sep 9, 2015 12:21pm PDT

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