Kim Davis’ Heterosexual Marriages Were More Scandalous That We Thought — Get The Deets On Her Baby Daddy’s Restraining Order HERE!

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Oh, Kim Davis.

It turns out the disgraced Kentucky county clerk who refused to grant same-sex marriage licenses and ended up going to jail for her beliefs isn’t as lily-white as Christian charlatans like Mike Huckabee would hope her to be.

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We’ve already reported on how many time Miz Davis has been married… and now we are learning more about just how turbulent her heterosexual-and-therefore-totally-approved marriages have been!

According to court documents unearthed by reporters today, Kim had quite the run in with Thomas McIntyre, the man with whom she had two kids out of wedlock in the 1990s.

On May 14, 1996, McIntyre went to Davis’ home to visit the kids and noticed there was a bouquet of flowers on her kitchen table.

That made him jealous, so he called Davis a “whore.” She slapped him and told him to leave, he challenged her to hit him again, then she called the cops, and he ripped the phone cord out of the wall.

Then she slapped him again, and eventually would slap him with a restraining order, preventing him from coming within 1,000 feet of the kids.

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Do we really need any more of an indication that maybe Kim Davis is not the best person to judge who ought to be married?!

Oh wait… just one more thing: this incident happened in 1996, after Davis cheated on a previous husband with McIntyre.

Nine years after the ’96 restraining order, in 2007, Davis would go on to marry McIntyre!! (That marriage ended in divorce after just one year, and Davis is now on her fourth husband.)

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Sep 9, 2015 4:56pm PDT

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