Former Olympic Star Suzy Favor Hamilton Reveals How Mental Illness Pushed Her Into A Life As A High-End Escort

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This will certainly make a great read.

Suzy Favor Hamilton enjoyed three different turns at the Olympics as a track and field star, and was by all accounts living the ideal life with a loving family and a newborn daughter when she was outed as a high-end escort in Las Vegas!

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The former Olympian details that in her new memoir, Fast Girl, as she highlights her bipolar disorder and the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Speaking about her history, Hamilton explains how her bipolar disorder manifested itself uniquely:

“My bipolar was driven toward sex. It could have been driven towards drugs and alcohol, or gambling. I found sex was the biggest high to fuel my mania, which is common with bipolar people.”

Hamilton, now 47, even dealt with thoughts of suicide, both after the birth of her daughter, and again when her secret life as an escort was made public:

“Driving home [one night], I prepared to drive my car into a tree. I accelerated faster. But I was getting closer to home where my sweet baby girl was waiting. You have to stay alive for her … The next morning, my darkest thoughts were on a loop: I had shamed my parents, my husband, our family. It would be better if I were dead.”

That rock bottom, though, proved to be exactly what Hamilton needed. She got help with the right medication and a team of mental health professionals by her side, and now lives happily with husband Mark and daughter Kylie, working as a yoga teacher.

As for her marriage, Hamilton says the tests ended up making it stronger:

“What Mark and I went through with Vegas and being outed ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ if we can make it through that, we’ll make it through everything. We have to work at a marriage and like any couple, we have our ups and downs. But we’ve definitely gotten to a stronger place. We’re doing 100 times better now.”

Fortunately for Hamilton, everything got figured out in the end — and it sounds like the memoir will be worth the read to learn how one woman overcame mental illness and low points in life to get back on top!

[Image via Suzy Favor Hamilton/Twitter/ATP/WENN.]

Sep 9, 2015 10:03am PDT

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