Melissa Rivers & Brad Goreski Speak On The Kelly Osbourne & Giuliana Rancic Beef! Is It Over For Good??

Kelly and Giuliana's famous feud over?? Get the deets!

Is it possible?? Could the Fashion Police feud finally be over??

Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic famously had a falling out following some controversial remarks made during a taping of the show.

And over six months later, Brad Goreski is saying it’s over!

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On the topic of the Kelly and G’s feud, the FP co-host confessed at a New York Fashion Week event on Wednesday:

“I think it’s nonexistent now. I think they both said what they needed to say and they’re both doing great things. I think we’re all a little too obsessed with feuds and ugly things going on between people, and we have so much to celebrate with the show, and Kelly has [so] much to celebrate on her own that I think we all just kind of need to move on, baby!”

Well, he’s definitely not making it sound like they’ve made up, but that they’re just moving on!

Guess Kelly calling out Giuliana for being a “liar” may have hit her too deep to come back from. Yikes!

At least the lavender-haired beauty and Brad are still close! He shared:

“I love Kelly. We’re still friends, so I still talk to her, and she’s going great things on her own and I’m really proud of her. Really happy for her.”

And yet, no mention of Kathy Griffin. Hmm…

As for Melissa Rivers, she also had something to say about the ladies’ beef, revealing:

“That’s seriously not even something that I even think about. I feel like I’m at a judiciary hearing where my lawyer needs to stand up and say, ‘Asked and answered.’ Giuliana isn’t here tonight because [her son] Duke had his first day of school on Tuesday. I talked to Kelly. We were going to try to go to a party last week at home. My son [Cooper] started 9th grade. Brad is just Brad. Everyone else has all these lives outside of that. I get along with everybody. I’m like, ‘Eh, I just want to go to work.”

She could not sound more over all this drama!

On a happier note though, Mel did share that her mom, Joan Rivers, would have at least been a fan of this season. She said:

“I think my mom would have liked it. You know, I think she’d be happy.”


We’re sure Joan would just be happy seeing her family happy!

And all these feuds over with!

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Sep 10, 2015 4:01pm PDT

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