Father Found With Stab Wounds And Three Murdered Sons — And He’s The Main Suspect

children found stabbed father suspected

This is absolutely terrible.

On Wednesday morning, John Sorrentino was just going about his daily business when he noticed an SUV parked outside his furniture warehouse in South Los Angeles.

As he got closer, he saw that the man in the driver’s seat had blood all over his face and there were three young boys in the back seat who were all slumped over with their eyes partially open.

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He immediately called 911 and when the the paramedics arrived, the three children, Luis, Juan and Alexander were found to be dead while the children’s father, Luis Fuentes, was in the driver’s seat — he had been stabbed in the chest but was still alive.

Luis was rushed to the hospital for his wounds but is currently in stable condition.

Police have said they have already found enough evidence that points to Luis as the main suspect; they believe he stabbed his three sons and then himself.

However, they don’t know what the cause or motive might have been or why the family was in the area.

Rene Chanquin, a cousin of the hospitalized father gave clues that Luis may have had some financial trouble by saying:

“He was a good man who had fallen on hard times.”

Luis’ brother, Byron Fuentes also spoke to police and said that he hadn’t seen Luis in about a month and he had recently withdrawn from relatives.

Wednesday night several people gathered at the location of the horrific even and placed flowers, candles and small mementos in honor of the children who were murdered.

We can’t imagine how difficult this is for family and loved ones affected but our thoughts are with them during this troubling time.

[Image via KTLA.]

Sep 10, 2015 10:48am PDT

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