Donald Trump Buys Out NBC’s Stake In Miss Universe And Settles His Old Lawsuits Against Them — So What’s Next For The Pageant??

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Consider this one Donald Trump mess that’s officially been cleaned up!

The “Presidential candidate” was recently involved in a scandal surrounding his Miss Universe pageant, after earlier this summer he made disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants in a rambling political speech.

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That led to a variety of boycotts and reactions, including one from NBC, as well as the entire nation of Mexico, random B-list celebrities, and the American people.

All that, in turn, led to The Donald suing Univision for half a billion dollars.

None of that stopped Trump, though; the pageant went off without a hitch this summer (except it was on a TV network no one knows how to find), and now it’s looking like The Donald will only go further with it from here!

In a tweet on Friday morning, Trump announced big news about the pageant:

Well then!! We don’t have much to go on for the future with this yet (what?! The Donald told us to stay tuned!!), but at least we now know there’s a future for the show, and the lawsuits are no more.

Whether that future is worth watching, well… what do U think?!

Will The Donald be able to resurrect Miss Universe??

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Sep 11, 2015 1:05pm PDT

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