‘Dear Fat People’ YouTuber Nicole Arbour FIRED From Body-Positive Dance Movie!

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She did ask what the keyboard defenders were gonna do about the clip…

YouTuber Nicole Arbour upset a lot of people last Thursday when she posted a video entitled Dear Fat People that was basically six straight minutes of fat-shaming in front of a camera.

While there was a lot of outcry at first, Nicole seemed to enjoy the backlash, posting a follow-up video called Most Offensive Video EVER.

Well, we think she may no longer be liking her role as an online villain, because her hateful post just lost her a job choreographing an upcoming Hollywood film!

[ Photo: Celebrities Who’ve Taken A Stand Against Body Shamers! ]

Apparently, in addition to being a mildly-successful YouTube personality, Nicole is also a dancer/cheerleader and was hired to choreograph a movie called Don’t Talk to Irene.

The only problem?? The dance movie is actually a body-positive story about a teenager learning to accept herself and not change to meet anyone’s demands.

So… basically the opposite of what Nicole was preaching. Got it.

But hey, Nicole, at least now you have more free time to really get into this notorious character you’ve got going on!

ICYMI, here’s the original controversial video in question — if you can stomach it!!!

[Image via Nicole Arbour/YouTube.]

Sep 11, 2015 9:51am PDT

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