Stalker Alert — Bristol Palin Gets A Restraining Order Against A Man Claiming To Be Her Baby’s Daddy After He Ships All His Belongings To Her House!

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Well this is scary!

Bristol Palin has herself a stalker, and the questionable guy believes he is the father of Bristol’s baby!

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This week, Michael Cummings had a box and a suitcase delivered to Bristol’s momma Sarah Palin‘s P.O. box up in Alaska — and the box was full of Michael’s belongings, as if he were ready to move into the family home!!

Michael’s done quite a bit more than this, too — including sending Bristol an engagement ring, showing up when she’s celebrating birthday parties, and even (this is horrifying) leaving a knife in her mailbox!! What???

Bristol went back to court this week and got a restraining order — she’s done this before — meaning Michael must stay 1,000 feet from her at all times. Considering how long he’s been going after her, it’s unlikely he’ll abide by that restraining order too well, but at least now the police will be able to nab him if he gets too close.

That’s awful for Bristol!! Here’s hoping she’s safe and sound.

[Image via Bauer Griffin.]

Sep 13, 2015 10:36am PDT

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