Demi Lovato Claims Her ‘Mugs’ Interview Mishap Was Just A Joke — Are You Buying It??

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Demi Lovato had an interview Saturday that she’ll never live down, and now she’s claiming that she was in on the joke the entire time. Very inneresting!!

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As we reported yesterday, Demi slipped up and responded with “mugs,” after a reporter asked her about her favorite dish — whoops!! The funny mistake went viral, and all corners of the Internet came down hard on the singer.

But now, Lovato is claiming that she knew all along what she was doing — and it was just her own sense of humor! Early Sunday morning, she tweeted:

Hmm…. Riiiiiiiight, Demi. It’s everybody else who messed up on this one…

What do U guys think?? Was Demi trying to be funny, or did she really misinterpret a question about dishes?!

[Image via YouTube.]

Sep 13, 2015 12:41pm PDT

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