So Awful AND Disturbing — Devo Co-Founder Jerry Casale Gets Married In A 9/11 Themed Wedding

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This is deplorable on SO many levels.

Jerry Casale, one of the co-founders of the iconic 80s pop band Devo, got married to Krista Napp on Friday in Santa Monica, California.

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While nuptials are always a reason to celebrate, this particular union wasn’t as blissful thanks to the appalling theme the couple chose for their wedding: September 11th.

Yeah… Friday was not only their wedding day, of course, it was the 14th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Washington, DC. Unfortunately, Casale had the poor judgment to think that his wedding reception ought to celebrate the tragedy.

The cake at the wedding was of the World Trade Center, with the bride and groom’s images at the top of the towers. Guests to the ceremony received real box cutters as party favors along with table setting cards which featured images of box cutters on them, as well. (Box cutters, of course, are what the terrorists used on 9-11 to overtake their commercial airliners.)

Yikes. We can’t imagine how the families affected by the terror attacks must have felt upon seeing this CRASS “celebration”!

Casale defended his incredibly poor taste with the following statement:

“One of the friends surprised me with the cake and the place settings and it’s because they thought it was really macabre that I was getting married on 9/11. And I said no, it was just arbitrary. Krista and I are the Twin Towers of love, you know making a joke about love conquering all,” he said. “So here comes the surprise … everybody ate the cake.”

The “Twin Towers of love”? REALLY?

This is COMPLETELY wrong, isn’t it??

[Image via Adriana M. Baraza/WENN.]

Sep 14, 2015 9:41pm PST

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