Matt Damon Says Jason Bourne Could Beat Up Ben Affleck’s Batman! FRIENDSHIP OVER??

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Na na na na na na na na… DAMON!

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck aren’t just Hollywood A-listers, they’re lifelong besties! But this bold statement could change all that!

Even though Matt claims he hasn’t asked Ben about Batman — or heard the Batman voice yet — he still has his own ideas about Ben’s upcoming Batman V Superman flick — specifically how tough Batman is!

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The Bourne actor revealed in an interview that:

“Jason Bourne would kick the s**t out of Batman – absolutely!”

Whoa! Don’t get overconfident about your supremacy just yet! Matt did add:

“Batman’s gotta take on Superman first. If he could beat him then maybe he could take on Jason Bourne.”

Not that we TOTALLY agree with him but Damon has been playing Bourne for over 13 years now, so he might just have the upper hand against his friend and Good Will Hunting co-star — if they fought for real that is.

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Damon was also asked about the possibility of signing on to a superhero flick, to which he responded:

“I think they’re kind of out of superheroes. Ben’s going to be like the sixth or seventh Batman, so I don’t think there’s really any left. So I’m good. Jason Bourne is my superhero.”

We’re not sure that Damon won’t become a superhero at some point down the road, but until then, we’ll TOTALLY settle for another Bourne movie — which happens to be due out July 29, 2016!

What do you think? Could Damon’s Bourne take Affleck’s Batman in a fight?


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Sep 14, 2015 10:29am PDT

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