Does Tori Spelling Bleach Her Children’s Hair?! Find Out Why Fans Are Outraged HERE!

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A lot of kids want to be just like their mom.

However, this may be taking it too far!

Recently, Tori Spelling uploaded the (above) photo on Instagram of her and her brood at a resort in San Diego.

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The only problem?

Many fans noticed six-year-old Stella (far left) and eight-year-old Liam (far right) donning BLEACHED HAIR along with their exposed natural roots!

Did the actress actually dye her kid’s hair?!

Their jarring hairstyle is even more evident in this pic of them cooking:

According to a source, the reason for this radical ‘do is because Miz Spelling wants her babies to be her mini-me’s!

The insider said:

“Tori thinks it’s cool for her kids to be a mini version of herself.”

Bleaching your follicles can affect its moisture, cause hair breakage, create discoloration, and can also burn your scalp!

Of all coloring methods, bleaching is known to be one of the most damaging and could be especially painful for children.

Needless to say, people are furious at the 42-year-old for potentially harming her kin.

This hairstyle is definitely NOT in season!

[Image via Tori Spelling/Instagram.]

Sep 14, 2015 1:40pm PDT

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