Can’t Buy Me Love Star Amanda Peterson’s Family Reveals She Was Raped At 15

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We are at a loss for words!

As we reported in July, Can’t Buy Me Love star Amanda Peterson died at the age of 43 due to an accidental morphine overdose.

After finding success in the 1987 film, the former teen idol went down a path of destruction, where she not only abused heroin and meth, she was arrested several times for issues related to DUIs and narcotic possession.

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On Monday, her family went on The Doctors and revealed a horrific secret that the Colorado-native kept hidden.

Her mom Sylvia confessed that she was sexually assaulted at the age of 15 by a man twice her age.

“At the height of Mandy’s career, she suffered a very serious trauma. She had been raped… She just felt so ashamed. She didn’t want people to know… I think it affected her forever.”

The incident forever scarred the actress.

Sister Anne-Marie explains:

“I think for her to carry the secret, this burden of the assault, must have just been overwhelming.”

The ’80s icon’s dad James reveals she suffered “significant bipolar problems” and was never the same person.

He said:

“After [the rape], she became more defensive, less trusting, some of the sparkle was gone.”

By exposing her troubled past to the public, the Peterson family hopes that this information will help other families who are dealing with similar problems.

James said:

“I want to stress why we’re here is to warn and counsel people… We are among perhaps millions who have gone through these problems. You have to be very well attuned to what your children are doing, what they’re saying… We all have to be more aware, and that doesn’t diminish your love.”

We greatly applaud Amanda’s brood for their honesty, and we offer our deepest condolences for their loss.

To see the devastating clip, ch-ch-check it out (below).

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Sep 15, 2015 12:09pm PDT

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