Elton John Spoke To Vladimir Putin About LGBT Rights! OR DID HE??? Get The Strange Details On The Phantom Phone Call HERE!

Did this phone call ever really happen???

This is by far the strangest game of phone tag we’ve ever heard of!

It’s no secret that Elton John is NOT a fan of Vladimir Putin and his well documented anti-LGBT stances!

So it was a bit surprising when the iconic rocker shared a pic to his Instagram account THANKING the Russian president for reaching out to him over the telephone!

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The caption reads:

“Thank-you to President Vladimir Putin for reaching out and speaking via telephone with me today. I look to forward to meeting with you face-to-face to discuss LGBT equality in Russia.@president_vladimir_putin @ejaf #lgbt#lgbtrights #ShareTheLove

Now this all sounds warm and fuzzy and nice! But the only problem is now the Kremlin is flat out DENYING that the phone call ever happened in the first place!

Putin’s press secretary Dmitri S. Peskov was quick to squash the rumors as he very simply stated:

“This does not correspond to reality. There was no conversation.”

Dmitri went on to say that Putin and Co. would be more than happy to chat with Elton in the future, but they hadn’t planned any conversation just yet!

So now the question is, who’s lying here? And perhaps more importantly, WHY would either side lie about this???

One theory suggests that Elton was the victim of an elaborate prank call, but other than that, nobody seems to have an explanation on whether or not this phone call actually happened!

What do you think, Perezcious readers?

Is Putin lying?? Or did someone pull a fast one on Elton??? Sound off in the comments below!

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Sep 15, 2015 5:33pm PDT

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