Game Of Thrones Bombshell! Kit Harington Drops HUGE Jon Snow News That Will Drive Fans Insane With Hysteria!

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Winter is coming, and so is THE TRUTH!

Fans subscribing to the Jon Snow Lives theory will be very pleased to know that actor Kit Harington has all but confirmed his character will be in the Game Of Thrones series for multiple seasons to come.

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In a recent interview with Dutch magazine Humo, the 28-year-old charmer let something very exciting slip. According to a Dutch speaker on Reddit, the following exchange occurred:

Kit: “The important thing is that I now know exactly how long I am still under contract, and in the meantime-”

Interviewer: “How many more seasons would that be?”

Kit: “Nice try (laughs). I can’t talk about that. Let’s just say that Game of Thrones will remain a part of my life for a while, I’ll probably be in my thirties when it’s over. One thing’s for sure: the day I’m no longer on Thrones is the day I’ll bury myself in movie projects (laughs).”

Uh huh.

So apparently Jon Snow DOES know something after all!

If he’s 28 now, and he just admitted he’ll be in his thirties when the series is no longer part of his life, well, you do the math.

This news is just the latest in a string of evidence that supports the notion of his character not completely being dead following that bloody Season 5 finale.

P.S. Here’s a GIF of him with a direwolf puppy just because:

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Sep 15, 2015 2:44pm PST

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