Devo Singer Jerry Casale Claims His Offensive 9/11 Themed Wedding Was a Total Set Up!

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Jerry Casale is doing everything he can to distance himself from his DISGUSTING 9/11 themed wedding!

After issuing an apology for the gross event that occurred last Friday, the Devo singer is now claiming that the nuptials was a complete set-up by a “friend”! While Casale was thrilled to marry his now wife, Krista Napp, he says the 9/11 inspired affair was NOT his doing.

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Casale went on the defensive Monday night, ranting:


It is suspicious that the pics, which show Jerry and Krista broadly smiling in front of a Twin Towers cake, were sent to a major media outlet. What’s even confusing, however, is why the two chose to participate in the event if they thought it was wrong. Who would play along with such a horrible idea?

The singer went on to add that he’s “surprised at the attention” considering all the problems in the world right now and that the spotlight has “ruined” the wedding.


We think the pain of the victims families trumps a “ruined” wedding that was completely avoidable!! Also, “surprised” by the attention? REALLY? We think box cutters as party favors would definitely draw some attention, Jerry…

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 15, 2015 3:20pm PDT

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