UFC Fighter Suspended For Five Years After Testing Positive For Marijuana — Too Far, Or Should He Have Known Better??

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This seems like a long suspension.

Nick Diaz, a UFC fighter in California, has been suspended from the sport for five years because of the third marijuana-related offense of his career.

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Diaz, 32, essentially received a lifetime ban with the five-year suspension, since he’ll be facing an uphill battle when he’s allowed to come back to the sport at 37 years old.

The ban, which nearly was a lifetime penalty before members of the Nevada State Athletic Commission voted to make it five years, really irked Diaz, who is 26-9 as a professional MMA fighter.

After the hearing, Diaz unleashed, saying:

“I’m pretty pissed. I got into this sport for this exact reason, being stuck in a room with people like that. I wanted to tell them what I think. I wanted to tell each and every one of them they’re a bunch of dorks. Everybody who sees them or knows who they are should tell them that. I would if it weren’t for my experts advising me to keep my mouth shut. I wanted to get up and say, ‘Look. You guys are way the f**k out of line.'”

Nevertheless, this is Diaz’s third run-in with marijuana while in the UFC — he had been previously suspended for a year on his second ban — so he must have known what was coming.

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However, there is this: Diaz was caught by a drug test that indicated he had ingested marijuana some time before his January 31 fight against Anderson Silva, but Diaz had already passed two tests — and only failed the third when it was sent to a different lab.

Diaz’s attorney, Lucas Middlebrook, was just as mad as Nick about the decision:

“I think it was a completely arbitrary and capricious decision. Based on the facts, if they were to make such a decision, it would be ripe for judicial review. This was a kangaroo court, and you heard the commission: Their decision wasn’t based on fact. It wasn’t based on evidence. One commissioner said, ‘Your attorneys were very persuasive, but you don’t respect us. So here’s a five-year ban.'”

Sounds like a disaster at the NSAC — but for Diaz, unless an appeal succeeds, that disaster means he may never fight in the UFC again.

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The decision isn’t just drawing controversy from Diaz’s team though. Many sports fans believe marijuana — which can legally be prescribed in California — shouldn’t even be tested as it’s not really “performance enhancing.”

What do U think??


[Image via Nick Diaz/Instagram.]

Sep 15, 2015 1:18pm PDT

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