She’s All Grown Up! President Obama’s Collegiate Advice For Daughter Malia Before She Flees The Coup Will Give You All The Feels

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Listen up!

It’s not every day you get to walk down the hall and ask the President college advice. But for Malia Obama — it is!

Lucky for us, President Barack Obama is sharing his words of wisdom for his daughter with high schoolers around the country!

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Malia just started her senior year of high school, and just like any parent, President Obama is having a hard time coming to terms sending his first born to college just next year.

During a Q&A with students in Des Moines, POTUS offered some thoughts that we think are important to consider during any transition:

“Be open to new experiences when you go to college. Don’t go to college just to duplicate the same experience you had in high school. Don’t make your decision based on, well, where are all my friends going so that I can do the exact same things with the exact same friends that I did in high school.”

The 17-year-old hasn’t made an official decision on which school she will attend — but with credentials like working on Halle Berry‘s Extant and Lena Dunham‘s Girls, we’re sure she’ll be just fine!

But Obama says he’s not putting too much pressure Malia:

“One piece of advice that I’ve given her is not to stress too much about having to get into one particular college. There are a lot of good colleges and universities out there, and it’s important, I think, for everybody here to understand you can find a college or university that gives you a great education. Just because it’s not some name-brand, famous, fancy school doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get a great education there. So one is, lower the stress levels in terms of just having to get into one particular school.”

We love that Obama is letting his oldest make her own decisions! But just like any teenager, he might not have a choice!

“She’s very much like her mother at this point. She’s got her own mind.”

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her!

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Sep 15, 2015 12:37pm PST

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