Kris Jenner & Caitlyn Jenner’s Cordial Relationship Is A Ruse?! This Is How Things Are REALLY Going Between The Former Couple

kris jenner caitlyn jenner tense relationship

Oh no!

On Wednesday, sources revealed that things between Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner are still pretty tense since the former Olympian embarked on her very public transformation.

Since the twosome were married for over 23 years, we can only imagine how difficult their newfound relationship must be.

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One source shared:

“It’s still really fresh for Kris. She does seem to really separate Caitlyn from her life now and has moved on as best she can.”

Well that makes sense — most divorced couples don’t spend all their time together.

However, the tension isn’t entirely the momager’s fault as it’s said that the gold medalist’s “immaturity” has caused problems between the former flames.

Another insider noted:

“Caitlyn has been very outspoken. Dissing Kris in Vanity Fair is a huge one. She throws a lot of stones but takes very little responsibility.”

Though everything might not be smooth sailing between the exes, the A-listers appear to be trying to move forward with their lives — sans any drama.

Hmm, how out of character. WE KID!

The insider continued:

“…there is no obvious discord. The family hasn’t seen Caitlyn a ton recently, but it’s not for any other reason other than the fact that they lead incredibly busy lives.”

That’s totally reasonable. We mean, Caitlyn’s been busy with her own E! show and Kris is still busy running the KUWTK empire.

Nonetheless, it’s nice to know that the family is working hard to maintain a relationship with Caitlyn during this time of self discovery.

The source noted about Kris:

“…it’s still weird for her, but I’m sure they’ll get to a place down the line where they can be friends. [Caitlyn] will always be a priority to all of them, no matter how much or how little they see her.”

Well that’s good to hear. We have a feeling things will become more smooth between the divorced duo with time.

Who knows, maybe Caitlyn will even let Kris manage her again one day. LOLz!

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Sep 16, 2015 10:29am PDT

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