Mindy Kaling Braved A 21-Day Juice Cleanse For ‘Mysterious And Sexy’ James Franco — Dayum, Girl Has Some Will Power!

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We recently reported some highlights from Mindy Kaling‘s second book Why Not Me?, and now we’ve learned the 36-year-old comedian braved an extensive juice cleanse for two reasons: whipped cream and James Franco.

Wait, what??

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One motivation for withstanding the cleanse was because The Mindy Project star was set to film a scene in a whipped cream bikini. We’re surprised she survived being around all that sugar — we wouldn’t!!

The other incentive? None other than Mr. Franco:

“James Franco was going to be on the show and I was going to have a lot of scenes with him. Like every heterosexual woman and gay man in the country, I think James is a very mysterious and sexy weirdo … I didn’t want him to feel my bra-strap pudge on the set.”

Ha! Nothing like a little James to get you motivated! h

Chris Messina‘s co-star said she loved her results from the cleanse. After all that work, we sure hope so!

“Costume fittings were, of course, the best. My jeans hung on me and everything looked so good. I could wear things I had long ruled out for myself, like jeans shorts and midriff-showing tops. Basically I could dress like a slutty teenage hitchhiker and it felt great.”

Although, Mindy admits the diet didn’t come without it’s downsides:

“I would just lie in my bed, grinding my teeth, waiting for dawn to break.”

No thank you!!

We think you’re perfect just the way you are, girl!

The Office alum is taking Hollywood by storm. With two books released and season four of The Mindy Project airing on Hulu, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Mindy!

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Sep 16, 2015 3:32pm PDT

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