SNL Star Pete Davidson — Who Lost His Dad In 9/11 — Confronts The League‘s Steve Rannazzisi Over His Lie! But The Result May Surprise You!

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We still can’t believe that someone would lie about this!

The League star Steve Rannazzisi was busted recently over a tall tale he’s been telling for years that he escaped from the second tower of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks.

We were pretty disgusted when we heard it was all just a lie.

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But Pete Davidson, who recently joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, took special offense as he had lost his firefighter father on 9/11.

After hearing about the dishonesty, he tweeted sarcastically at Steve:

Steve clearly didn’t get the sarcasm because he responded:

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To which Pete replied:

Steve must have figured it out because he then quickly deleted his tweet.

But the most interesting thing was what happened afterward, not in the public eye — because a bit later Pete tweeted:

Pete must have believed in the sincerity of Steve’s apology to turn around like that.

Here’s how Steve apologized to the public on Twitter:

Can YOU forgive Steve like Pete apparently has??

[Image via Twitter/Brian To/Bridow/WENN.]

Sep 16, 2015 1:33pm PST

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