Drake Has Beef With Yet ANOTHER Rapper — Get The Backstory And Listen To The Brand New Drizzy Diss Track HERE!

Drake's in another feud??

Looks like Drake‘s got enemies, got a lot of enemies!

Meek Mill has publicly gone after the former Degrassi star, saying he doesn’t write his own raps, and Drizzy responded with a diss track titled Back to Back.

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But now there’s ANOTHER rapper coming after the 28-year-old!

Sauce Walka dropped a song called Wack 2 Wack (Drake Dissection) on Soundcloud on Wednesday. Not only does the track’s title explicitly explain it’s a diss track, Wack 2 Wack is also clearly a play on the title of Drake’s song about Meek.

In the new release, Sauce is firing shots at the hitmaker for being fake, his real name (Aubrey Graham), and about his start in acting.

One line in the verse even goes:

“I knew the first day we met that we could never be friends.”


For those of you who are confused, or think this is all coming out of left field, here’s some backstory for you:

Sauce Walka is one half of rap duo the Sauce Twinz — the other half is rapper Sancho.

Drake had told the two he would be on a verse for their upcoming project 2 Legited 2 Quited, but apparently failed to follow through. Sauce said of the incident:

“Drake took it upon himself to say he was going to get on the song, and he lied to us and let us down.”

The Twinz also have a problem with the Canadian native trying to represent the Houston rap scene. Sauce spilled more on his Drizzy disappointment:

“If you love us so much, why don’t we have this song? You have this whole appreciation weekend to get brownie points from the city, then why would you not bring out what everyone wants to see from the city? Sauce Twinz don’t have to be the one to get the remix. Why we can’t get a “Flicka da Wrist” remix either? For someone to love us so much, where’s the opportunity? Why haven’t you signed anyone from Houston if you love us so much? It just seems shallow to me.”

Clearly, he had much more to say, because he penned an entire track bashing Drake! Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

[Image via Sauce Walka/Instagram, Macguyver/WENN.]

Sep 17, 2015 2:27pm PDT

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