Wait, Is Jared Fogle Trying To Avoid Jail Time By Making Up A Medical Condition?

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We wouldn’t be surprised if Jared Fogle is plotting a way to avoid jail time!

According to legal docs from Jared’s lawyer, the former Subway spokesperson asked for a temporary leave from house arrest to undergo a medical evaluation.

As of now, the reason for the request is unknown and we don’t know whether or not the “condition” is serious.

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The docs also went on to add that Fogle requested the location and time of the exam be kept private, which makes sense to us; the child pornography enthusiast has a lot of ANGRY fans right now!

Obviously the timing of this move is quite suspicious — Jared faces sentencing for child pornography charges in November.

The shamed Indiana resident could face up to 12.5 years of jail time, a hard knock for a man who has enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle over the past decade.

Jared’s sudden medical concerns could most definitely be a ploy to avoid jail time, though there’s a slim chance it will actually work.

For a convict to avoid the big house, they have to present intensive medical documentation that proves the jail system can’t provide adequate medial care for the ailment in question. Suge Knight unsuccessfully succeeded at this maneuver earlier this year.

We’ll keep you updated on this case as it progresses!

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Sep 17, 2015 6:12pm PST

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