Did Lorde Rock Pink Eye At New York Fashion Week?! Decode The Singer’s Cryptic Messages HERE!

lorde rumored pink eye

Well that doesn’t look good!

Lorde made headlines at New York Fashion Week, but not for her style choices — rather her rumored pink eye. Oh no!

Many began speculating that the Royals singer was struck with the infection when she took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a snap of her eye looking particularly pink and purple (above).

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She posted:

one question: what happened to your eye?A photo posted by Lorde (@lordemusic) on Sep 16, 2015 at 12:21pm PDT

Oof! That looks brutal.

However, it seems that the brunette beauty’s eye problems weren’t the only thing that she was struggling with.

Taylor Swift‘s bestie then took to IG again and shared:

“The skin is peeling off my lips and hands. These days i very rarely see the sun and my eye is weeping and screaming and it’s fashion week and everyone already thinks i’m strange and it’s a kanye show where the freaks are beautiful so why not say f— it and let’s dance with the melodrama?”

Though, we doubt the starlet actually has pink-eye as she was spotted next to Kim Kardashian West & Co. at Kanye West‘s runway show earlier in the day.

Perhaps, her health problems come from her late nights working on some new music.

The New Zealand native took to Twitter and revealed:

Things seem to not being going well for the 18-year-old after her new single Magnets with Disclosure was allegedly leaked online on Wednesday. Bummer.

Nonetheless, Lorde closed out her busy day with a note to her followers on the picture-sharing site.

She concluded:

“Now I’m in bed in a sweater editing something cool for you guys to see very soon.”

We hope Lorde gets better soon. Take it easy, m’kay?!

[Image via Lorde/Instagram.]

Sep 17, 2015 10:29am PDT

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