Man Wins $10 Million Lottery Using Numbers From A Fortune Cookie! Get The Sweet Deets!

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That’s one fortunate cookie!

Richard Davis won a $10 million lottery jackpot in August, and claims that the lucky numbers came from a fortune cookie!

The 66-year-old told the Florida Lottery he only occasionally tests his luck, always playing the lottery with the same sets of numbers that came from fortune cookies he was served at a North Carolina restaurant!

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When he was shopping in a Publix grocery store, Davis learned that one of the five tickets he recently bought was the winner of the Florida Lotto’s jackpot from the August 22 drawing!

He said:

“I checked and rechecked the ticket several times over the next few days.”

On Tuesday, the fortune cookie enthusiast picked up his winnings of over $7 million — but he’s not the only one who lucked out!

The Boca Raton grocery store also cashed out with a $50,000 bonus for selling the ticket!

Unfortunately, the restaurant in Asheville that sold Davis the cookie does not get a cut — but that’s just how the fortune cookie crumbles! LOLz!

Will YOU start to test your luck with Asian cuisine?

Sep 17, 2015 4:19pm PDT

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