Take Note! Nicholas Hoult Shares A Valuable Coping Method For Heartbreak!

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We’re glad Nicholas Hoult didn’t have to go through his heartbreak alone!

According to the actor, he was able to move past his sad split from Jennifer Lawrence thanks to his friend and Equals co-star, Kristen Stewart. Obviously K-Stew knows a thing or two about loss after parting ways from her longtime boyfriend, Robert Pattison, back in 2012.

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Speaking on the experience of filming with Stewart, the actor explained:

“It was nice to feel so isolated from everything, from our lives. It’s often the way we are on location, but particularly in this movie it was very intimate, and a nice environment to be in.”

Makes sense to us! Sometimes the best medicine for a breakup is a healthy distraction!

As we previously reported, Stewart elaborated on this, admitting:

“Not all of my friends have been through what I’ve been through. Everything that we did was explorative, and a meditation on what we already knew. We all felt akin by how much we’ve been through, and to utilize that is so scary. And to acknowledge it, reassess, and jump back into it? Usually you want to move on. But at least we could use some of that for some good.”

Aww! We’re glad these two bonded over their experiences!

P.S. We can’t wait to see their movie debut!

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Sep 18, 2015 3:04pm PDT

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