├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣Taken Becoming A TV Show — But Will Liam Neeson Bring His Special Set Of Skills To The Small Screen??

taken liam neeson tv show

You’re about to get a whole lot more karate chops!

If you loved the 2008 breakout action flick Taken and its two sequels, you might just be interested to learn there’s going to be a Taken TV series!

The show will follow Liam Neeson‘s retired CIA agent Bryan Mills — who in the soon-to-be series may not be quite so retired!

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That’s because the show is being planned as a prequel (even though it’s set in present day)!

Taken has already received an ordered to series — meaning we won’t have to worry about if it will get an entire season!

Unfortunately, the prequel aspect means the 63-year-old Neeson won’t be starring in the series.

As for those famous “special set of skills” that Mills possesses in the films, well the series is going to give us a look on how he acquired all of those mad skills!

It’s also being reported that he won’t have a wife or kid yet — but wait, who will be “taken” then?? LOLz!

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Taken creator Luc Besson‘s studio EuropaCorp is developing the series with Universal TV.

This isn’t too surprising since NBC Universal has done business with EuropaCorp TV in the past in looking to acquire the US rights to Taxi Brooklyn — a spinoff of Besson’s French hit movie Taxi!

Let’s hope this series fares better!

What do you think? Could Taken make a great prequel show or is this destined to be an unoriginal dud?

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Sep 18, 2015 12:52pm PDT

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