Kim Davis Is Allegedly Still Altering Marriage Licenses And Interfering With Court Orders, According To A Deputy County Clerk!

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Well so much for Kim Davis finding a compromise…

According to reports, the disgraced county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky, is once again interfering with court orders — and apparently altering marriage licenses!

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Brian Mason, the deputy clerk for Rowan County, has told reporters that:

“[Davis] may have altered forms used in the marriage licensing process, raising questions over the validity of licenses issued in the county.”

Of course, Davis — who was jailed for five days after she refused to do her job and issue marriage licenses — now appears to be violating the very condition that took her out of jail.

Mason goes on to claim more:

“[Davis] handed out an altered form that did not include her name and does not mention the county.”

According to Mason’s lawyer, Richard Hughes, that’s a problem:

“Those changes were made in some attempt to circumvent the court’s orders and may have raised to the level of interference against the court’s orders.”

That’s disgusting. Supposedly, Davis’ crusade was about her “religious freedom,” but now that the state of Kentucky has found a way to provide her with her own freedom of religion and allow same-sex couples to marry as is the law, Davis finds another way to get involved…

That just proves that this has never been about Davis’ religious freedoms, but rather her straight up bigotry against same-sex couples.

[Image via ABC.]

Sep 19, 2015 6:41pm PDT

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