Dave Grohl Says Foo Fighters Were Supposed To Play The Emmys — But They Were ‘Kicked Off’ The Show!

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We wouldn’t be happy either!

Don’t get us wrong, the Emmys were AH-Mazing last night. Andy Samberg had a great opening segment, everyone got a free HBO login and password, and Amy Schumer and Viola Davis both won!

What could have made the night better?!

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Well actually, now that we think of it, a Foo Fighters performance would have been pretty epic — and we almost had it too, according to Dave Grohl!

He spoke about the alleged cancellation saying:

“You now what we were supposed to play on the Emmys and we were gonna play on the Emmys and then they kicked us off.”

When asked why they “kicked him off,” the rocker said:

“I can’t tell you. Do your research, but they did.”

There hasn’t been any update on why exactly they were booted and didn’t perform but we’re sure the truth will come out sooner or later!

And it doesn’t sound like Dave has any hard feelings. When asked if he’d possibly play at next year’s Emmys, he said with a smile:

“I’ll do anything.”

We love you, Dave, and we hope to see you soon — maybe at next year’s awards!

What do you think? Would a Foo Fighters performance made the Emmys better? And why were they “kicked off”?!

[Image via Emma Bryant/WENN.]

Sep 21, 2015 11:26am PST

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